• Why do I need a liability policy to enter Mexico?

    According to Mexican authorities, "Liability insurance on privately owned, lease or rental airplanes which are flown into the Republic of Mexico is compulsory"

  • What does this policy covers?

    This policy only provides coverage for third party liability while the aircraft is flying in Mexican territory.

  • Does my policy provide coverage for the pilot and passenger?

    No. The policy only provides third party liability. Medical payments are excluded.

  • Can I cancel my policy?

    Yes. A policy may be canceled as long as taking into consideration the following scenarios:

    • Policies for five days or less are fully earned.
    • Policy fee is fully earned.
    • Special annual policies are fully earned once issued.
  • Who is the Carrier?

    MAPFRE Tepeyac, S.A, member of Mapfre Group
    Best’s Rating (A- Excellent)

  • Can I obtain coverage for the hull?

    Yes, but this coverage is handled on a case by case basis and subject to additional panel-titlenaires. Please contact our office for further details.

  • Policy Jurisdiction:

    Coverage only applies in Mexico. No coverage is provided in the US or under the US Legal System.

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